The jury selected 151 projects from more than 1,700 films. Congratulations on the selected directors! The winning projects will be announced after the screening.

First Name Last Name Project Title Country of Origin
Olivia Nam My Atom, My Everything United States
Haoyu Zhang Ring China
Ricardo Alvarado Unwelcome Advances United States
Pierre Nicolas Panasci We All Lie My Darling Australia
Shivaan Makker Pastiche United States
Klaudia LANKA Rose of Blood France
Евгения Гапоненко The little fish Russian Federation
Gabriel Otero THE 7 VICES France
Kerri Gannan A Place Called Home Australia
Anirban Chakraborty The Sleeping Buddha India
Antony Ware ARENA United States
Matt Aucott The Photographer United Kingdom
Bruce Fun Final Interview Taiwan
Marie Boulougouris I Hope This Feeling Doesn't Last Australia
Rodolfo Moro Kapadokya United Arab Emirates
Paolo Tresoldi Bimba mia Italy
Christopher Shorr Tyrants of Tomorrow Telethon United States
Benjamin Murphy Stevan - Hope It's Not (Music Video) Australia
Mohamed Morgan Adam Egypt
Jamie Brightmore "Becoming the Nightmare" - Andy Gillion United Kingdom
Louis Lampard Mannequin United Kingdom
Maria Eva Albistur El Rayo Argentina
Sam Albatros Queer Exodus: no one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark Germany
Aziz Chennaoui Korrinty Tunisia
Vincenzo Carubia Lunarcode: Parasite Not Specified
Paola Samoggia NO CRASH, spaziorisonante Italy
Adam Loxley A Quark's Looking Glass United Kingdom
Samantha Ferrand La Casita de la Mariposa United States
Veronika Janeckova Nightline Czech Republic
Dan Bronzite All That Glitters United Kingdom
Jess Clark Love United Kingdom
AMARU . AMARU - Never (Official Music Video) Netherlands
Julia Germanieva Doodle Ukraine
Firat Gürgen Taycan - Ovala Turkey
Daniel Cohn The World's Gone Nutz United States
Clare St Clare Leisure Machine Australia
Andre Brito Queen of Spades United States
Αγγελική Γρηγοροπούλου BALLERINAS DO NOT EAT Greece
Elizabeth Martina Bishop A Poet's Childhood - Awakening to Consciousness - Elizabeth Martina Bishop United States
Marquis Simmons VO-GONE (Short Film) Ft. Sandy Redd United States
Rodja Martin Tröscher Control Germany
Michael Fantauzzi Gags Italy
Darren McFarlane Grace Australia
ANUP THAPA Thank you for being a friend Australia
Carlos Matienzo Serment Tekenchu Mexico
Anaya Kunst Love Brazil
Aric Johnson Walk Into the Water United States
Guilherme Morais Drag Queens Made in Brazil United States
Daniel Cohn Keyboard Warrior Australia
Daniel Cohn My Human Australia
Alberto Martín-Aragón PARALYSIS Spain
alicia buckner Last Warning Shot United States
Katie McNeice In Orbit Ireland
Aaron Navia Campos The Boy and The Mountain Chile
Dimitris Asproloupos Sexual Distancing Greece
Stu Spence Loneliest Boy in the World Australia
Louise Hylland R[evol]ution Of Love Denmark
Sebastian Ibanez Dearly Departed (London Director Awards) United States
Laurence McManus The Wind and the Whimpering United Kingdom
Catherine Conmy The Mystic of Us United States
Seif Abdel Raouf The Isolated Egypt
Jess Kay Out of Orbit United Kingdom
Eliška Kováříková The Glory of Terrible Eliz Czech Republic
Suhyeon Heo Guilty Family Korea, Republic of
Amaan Ahmad Carnitapu India
George Kostopoulos The Big Apple Grind United States
Елена Саар The sun in Pisces Russian Federation
Tipu Sultan Orpheus In The Underground United Kingdom
Magnus Møller Bakke Casu Norway
Denise Dowdell-Stent Foretold United Kingdom
Suhagiya Shreyans A Leech in the Brain United States
James Gorter And Behold! New Zealand
Predestined The Series Predestined United States
Gerard Corporon THE GRAVE WITH NO NAME France
Castrense Scaturro Fantasia Italy
Daniel Kennedy Living Through It United States
Ben Makinen Who Killed Jazz United States
Asim Paracha All That You Loved United States
Origine films ENTRE LES TOMBES France
Origine films CATARINA France
Eilera Ellie Breakfast United Kingdom
Asim Paracha The Cure United States
Liene Greifane Dymov Russian Federation
Isaiah Rothstein One Small Silver Lining United States
Heerenkumar Hersh Fading Numbers Australia
Ane Siderman VERONA Brazil
Alexis Cifuentes The Proposal Spain
Borys Shusterman Bullshit Ukraine
Adnan Siddique Last and First Woman United States
Roxana Stern ZEIT (time) Austria
Shelby Zhang Cordelia China
Alexandre Bertella Everything Brazil
Sophie Barry Orange Sherbet United States
James Fitzmaurice The Vampire's Kiss in the Plague of 1666 United States
Shihyun Wang Veteran stories Taiwan
Festivals Festivals Reprogram your reality France
Jun Hoskulds Twotwo United States
Vadim Bogomolov Matters of the Heart Russian Federation
Daniel Pérez Load cycle Peru
Cedrick Spinassou WELCOME TO THIERCELIEUX France
Lol Sargent PROCREATION: Adam and Eve United Kingdom Andy Svensson My Tibetan Godchild Switzerland
Miriam Devitt Barry Ireland
Vankshita Mishra RAISINS Not Specified
Meital Amar What we are silent about Israel
Dayakar Padayachee The Caretaker South Africa
Sam Parkinson idle United Kingdom
Nauwroz Khan October 22 Singapore
Valentina Battorti WHISTLE, AND I'LL COME TO YOU Italy
Pilar Adara BOLIE United States
Angelica Cricchio Daffodil United Kingdom
Sasha Speer Unborn United States
Mark Rénfro The Vibes India
alexandra Genova 'Our Land' United Kingdom
Marco Meazzini PAPA/VALLE Italy
fabio grossi Solitude Italy
Xavier Diskeuve UNCLE MAURICE Belgium
Bryan Basham In Bocca Al Lupo Italy
Roberta Sanzó The substance of dreams Italy
Distribuzione Son of a Pitch Chiusi fuori Italy
Distribuzione Son of a Pitch SHUSTER Israel
Cathie Boruch Tea for Two United States
Hamid Reza Mahmoudi Mehrizi The Game The Doubt Iran, Islamic Republic of
Simone Bianchi Come te Italy
Robert Silver COVID19: The Fallout of a Modern Pandemic United States
Sohaila Lindheim Deterioration Of Man Ireland
Paul Russell Bella Ciao, Song of Rebellion Italy
Pirra Lorenzo CODA Spain
Balsem Errouh Oukhai Libolt Phoenix Tunisia
Ema Kugler Man with Shadow Slovenia
LiarInChief Movie Liar-In-Chief: A Chronicle of the Trump Presidency Through the Eyes of An Outraged Graphic Artist United States
Jesse Wright The Memory Scanner . Com United States
Celia de Coca Let's talk, sister (Hablemos, hermana) Spain
Jean-Philippe Jacquemin Scream of the Soul Switzerland
Nicholas Stachurski Ipseity United States
Omar Elhanbouly THE FIGURE United Kingdom
James Atkins The Witch Hunters Are Coming United Kingdom
Andrea Grasselli Zenerù Italy
Marielle Tepper Its Not The End of The World Czech Republic
Claudio Melis "Occhiali da Vista" - Official Musicvideo Italy
Ella Greenwood Why Wouldn't I Be? United Kingdom
Anna Aleksandrova The Conversation They Never Had Austria
Rahela Jagric Pirc The space among us Slovenia
Scott Fleming Buff United Kingdom
Leila Salakhatdinova Makhom Russian Federation
Konstantin A Garden Is Not Included Ireland
Lisa Nguyen Bridezilla Australia
Kirby McClure Spaghetti Junction United States