Daz KK Dua

It is said that a man with drive and strives to be more ambitious beyond belief against all odds is a man on a path to distinction. A very true statement for this West London born, Ghanaian enthusiast. Daz (The original Dj Daz) has been a prolific figure often associated with inspiring and developing a vast majority of recording artist dating back over three decades. An influential DJ with accolades such as the Technics Uk Mixing Championship Finalist (DMC), an Award Wining club night resident DJ, and a well sort after creative Show & Tour Director, touring with many international and influential performers.

Daz has performed at high profile events put on by the Princes Trust, BBC & MTV, performing and supporting artists like Erykah Badu, Janet Jackson, & The Roots.

Daz’s passion for screen, is a natural progression for his abilities. For him music, dancing, and acting go hand in hand when it comes to performing. Through studying theatre ,performing arts and screen, Daz found his love for both theatre, and screen. It was natural and evident that his creativity would flow into writing, and directing also. A great example of a rare special talent, and truly a man on the path to distinction

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Trailer for To Us By Us the multifaceted

1. Your project has entered in our festival. What is your project about?
To Us By US is a story of a creative mind who has to deal with rejection, disappointment and heartbreak on his journey through life, leaving him in a battle of derailment. Fighting between a positive and negative state of mind

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2. What are your ambitions with your project?
The main goals I had when I set out to make this film was 1. To touch someone, and 2. To inspire someone with this story. It is a true story and a snapshot into aspects of my life. I would like this film to bring awareness into what men go through behind closed doors. We as men as a majority do not talk about a lot of the things we go through, that hurt us emotionally, which can leave us spiralling out of control into a very dark place. I would like to have this film be seen by many, internationally on an international distribution platform, and be an advocate for mental health awareness.

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3. Tell us something about your shooting? What pleasantly surprised you?

I would say what surprised me about this shoot is how it came together, at a time when things were very hard and difficult. I fell in love with being a director through problem solving myself and figuring out the best way to capture a moment, convey or deliver a message I wanted to get across with maximum impact. Also while keeping it simple and on budget, which was always a challenge with hardly no budget. The main thing that surprised me was when I saw the final cut of the film, and then looked at my original storyboard sketches, and saw I was able to capture exactly what I wanted, at a time when I was battling with thoughts that I wouldn’t be able to.

4. For what group of spectators is your film targeted?
Even though this film focuses on the mental health of a creative mind, from a male perspective. This film is for everyone. It was made in a way that everyone can relate to and take something from, as we all have gone through situations like this.

5. Why should distributors buy your film?
The reception so far for this film has been amazing, it has impacted so many, and left them feeling touched and inspired, which were the goals I set out to do.This film and its message is bigger than one man or a team, it stands alone on its own merits, and its importance needs to be used as a tool to bring more awareness to the ever growing mental health awareness. That’s why distributors need this film in their lives and on their platforms.

6. How would you specify your work? What characterizes your film?
I am the sort of person that wont just do something for the fun of it. My projects will leave you with something. Something that you can relate to, something that will teach you, or something that will touch and inspire you, and progressively uplift you, whether it be a comedy or a drama. Let's just say I wont be focusing on the stereotypical connotations of a demographic. My creative projects will be just that. Creative, and unique, yet entertaining at the same time.

7. Why did you decided to become a filmmaker?
I became a filmmaker because I was tired of getting or looking at the same stereotypical roles as an actor of African origin. The kind of films I wanted to see, or characters I wanted to portray, I wasn’t seeing them, or getting those opportunities. So I decided to make and create my own.

8. Who is your role model?
Sydney Poitier god rest his soul, Denzel Washington, Spike Lee, Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas, let me just stop before I go on a frenzy. They are some of the key people in the influence of my life, and of me being a filmmaker.

9. Which movies are your favorites? Why?
Wow. Someone that knows me well will know how hard this question is for me. I am a BIG !! movie fanatic, and can quote so many of my classics from start to finish. Ok let me try and list a few. I think I will limit it to my classics growing up, and what impacted me as I love so many. I will keep it to 3 genres also as the list will get ridiculously long otherwise.

Comedies: Trading Places, Coming to America, Car Wash, A Piece of the action, Uptown Saturday Night, Lets do it again, Stir Crazy, Silver Streak, Cannon Ball Run, Police Academy, Weird Science, Blazing Saddles, House Party, Beetlejuice, almost all of the Carry on Films. Let me stop there because I will just keep going. these films here, the jokes, the dialogue, the music or the things that are happening in the background or foreground are all classic genius writing masterpieces. One of a kind, NOT to be replicated, and yes I can quote them all. A brilliant and great era for great comedy.

Science Fiction/Adventure: Superman, Superman 2, Superman 3, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom, The Goonies, Gremlins, E.T, Back to the Future, Back to the Future 2, Innerspace, The Last Dragon, Enter The Dragon, Beverly Hills Cop, Clash of the Titans, Jason and the Argonauts, Rambo First Blood, Rambo 2, Rocky 1,2,3,&4, Flash Gordon, The Ghostbusters, Man with the golden gun, The Spy who loved me, Octopussy, Moonraker, A View to A kill, Dr No, Live and Let Die, From Russia with Love, Robocop, The Running Man. Ok let me stop there, its getting crazy now LOL. These films really let me understand about make believe, making something true and believable in an unbelievable circumstance. Great imagination is a powerful tool.

Drama: The Colour Purple, Boyz in the Hood, Menace to Society, Dead Presidents, The Godfather series, Carlitos Way, Goodfellas, Cry Freedom, Malcom X, Do the Right Thing, Great Escape, Escape To Victory, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, The Hurricane, Mo Better Blues, Juice, The Karate, The Karate Kid 2, New Jack City, School Daze, Shaft, Set It Off, Shawshank Redemption, Crooklyn, Jungle Fever, Stand By Me, Top Gun, The Warriors. Again let me stop there. There are so many to mention and so many I have left out as I'm just saying them off the top of my head.
All of these films and many others have all played a big part in my life growing up and shaping my creative mind in my creative process to making film.

10. Where do you look for inspiration for your films?
I would say my inspiration comes first from great stories that need to be told. The first part of the process is a massive urge to get something off my mind, my chest, or something that needs to be spoken about. For instance there is a feature that I am working on, it’s at research stage, it’s not been done before, and I have to do it, it’s all I can think about so thats why I know I have to do it. I am inspired by many things, cinematography and the way things are shot or how things are captured in frame are a very big important faspect for my inspiration. I love how someone can creatively show a great story in the way they capture a composition in a frame. It’s like art on a canvas.

11. Which topics interest you the most?
So my topics, or genres let's say are varied and across the board. I enjoy Comedy, Drama, Fiction, Drama, Biopics, and Sci-fi for instance. The main thing for me is a great story. When you have a great story no matter what the genre is, then thats the foundation for a great film or project for me.

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12. What do you consider your greatest achievement in your career?
Having a goal or purpose to touch someone, or inspire someone, then being told that I have turned someone’s life around when they were ready to give up in life. This I would say is my greatest achievement, and I have humbly achieved a few things in my life journey over the years, but something like that is priceless. That I believe is my purpose in life. For that I am truly thankful that is more than what I set out to do, especially on this project.

13. What do you consider most important about filming?
Being able to tell the most compelling, and organic version of your story in the most efficient way possible, that is available to you.

14. Which film technique of shooting do you consider the best?
I guess that would come down to what the story is telling you it needs in terms of how it should be shot. But if money, time, or location was not an issue, then I love Ariel, crane, and motion shots like on tracks or following a car, bike, or motion shots capturing fighting sequences, drones too.

15. How would you rate/What is your opinion about current filmmaking?
I think people are really pushing the art of imagination. Technology in this generation, really allows for peoples mind to be blown away in how things are created in film today. I love it all and it pushes the envelope of creativity. Even with the use of a mobile phone. It all starts with how imaginative you are with your mind and how you tackle or solve the problem of how you want to achieve a particular type of shot that you had in mind, or how you choose to tell a particular part of a story.

16. What can disappoint you in a movie?
The structure. Great setup, and build, or a good beginning and middle, but the payoff, reveal or the end, falls flat, and doesn’t fall in line with how we the audience were tracking or following the movie. A bad ending not in line with anything to do with how the story went can ruin a whole movie for me at times.

17. Who supports you in your film career?
I would say my parents. They have always believed in me when no one else did. My dad who looks like Sydney Poitier which is one of the reasons Sydney is a hero of mine, is someone that has always said to me I had a purpose to change the words and make a difference. I am merely walking in my purpose of making a difference by touching peoples lives, and wanting to inspire.

18. What are the reactions to your film? (opinion of spectators, film critics, friends and family)
The reactions to the film by family, friends, piers, and strangers has truly been amazing and some what overwhelming, and very heartfelt. So many people wanted to tell me their story and how my story related to them, how it made them feel, and how important it is for others to see and experience the film. The story I mentioned earlier of how ‘To Us By Us’ being the reason someone turned their life around after wanting to give up, really touched me emotionally and is something I will cherish for the rest of my life.

19. Have you already visited any of the prestigious film festivals?
The London Film Festival on multiple occasions. I would love to attend as many as I can, because I love to be inspired daily to continue to do what I love, and create.

20. What are your future plans in filmmaking carrier?
I am currently in the pre production stage working on a comedy pilot, developing a quite unique drama series, and also doing the research for the big feature I mentioned earlier which is my baby that I cant wait to make. That one will be an amazing project, I cant wait for you all to see it.