- 24 Hours

Documentary, Short
Jackson Long, Nada Taha

Follow multi-hyphenate radio host and creative, Nada Taha, during her final 24 hours preparing for her Ted Talk. She showcases the struggles of imposter syndrome and highlights the power of community.

A Curious Woman

Directed by Kelby Thwaits

A surreal love story. A lonely woman with erotic desires, searches for love in Paris.


Directed by Luka Vidovic

If you could take a pill that would erase your memories of a specific person in your life, would you? Evie is faced with that ultimate question after an uncomfortable and disappointing reunion with her father - the man who left her for a new life when she was just a child. This short drama explores Evie's journey from crushed dreams to new beginnings, and the destruction she causes to her father's life along the way.

Another Day

Short Film
Directed by Luis Enrique Jiménez

Faced with the new reality that the pandemic brings, Armando becomes a street vendor on the subway in order to support his family. Although he is aware of the risk of his new job, he never imagined the danger he would be exposed to.

An Egypt Affair

Feature Film
Directed by Marlin Darrah

A rejected husband. A beautiful stranger. A dangerous liaison.
For two couples enjoying a spectacular Egyptian adventure,
treachery and deception cruise the Nile along with them.

This 83-minute adventure-thriller involving love, deception, betrayal and redemption was recently filmed on-location and features breathtaking panoramic views of desert Egypt and the Egypt of the pharaohs. AN EGYPT AFFAIR unfolds on an exotic riverboat cruising up the great Nile River between Luxor and Aswan. Shot in 2022, Marlin Darrah assembled for his movie a cast of accomplished veteran actors including Yolanthe Cabau ("Pain and Gain"), Massi Furlan ("Jumanji, the Next Level") and Alfonso DiLuca (CW-"Jane the Virgin") and features three talented and emerging younger actors, Jarred Harper ("American Housewife"), Nick Dreselly Thomas ("Amazon Queen"), Lesley Grant ("Paradise Hills") and Stacey Marie Williams ("The Cake").

Araaf - The Purgatory

Short Film
Directed by Habib Shahzad

A former clown thinks he is kidnapped by his creditor when he finds himself in a bizarre place. However, his predicament turns out to be more sinister than his assumption.

A Work Of Heart

Directed by Sager L'Khrebani Al Nuaimi

In Renaissance Italy, a gifted painter becomes entranced by a merchant's wife when commissioned to paint her necklace. Their forbidden connection fuels a creative fire, resulting in a masterpiece that transcended art as we know it.

Dance, you are alive (Celebrating world peace)

Animation/Music Video/Short
Directed by  Mythravarun Vepakomma

"Dance You Are Alive" represents a unique fusion of my passions — Dance, Music, Animation, and Lego — into a single, transformative Music Video. Thanks to my late uncle, who used to get me valuable cartoon cassettes at a time when we couldn't access or afford them. Drawing inspiration from these childhood cartoons and their imparted life wisdom, this project signifies a personal dream realised.

Despite moments of disillusionment in my career upon recognizing commercial animation's toy-centric focus, childhood memories of impactful cartoons propelled me forward. They showcased the potential to sow seeds of positive change in young minds and motivate a brighter future.

In 'Dance You Are Alive,' I aspire to ignite inspiration for the freedom of choice we all have to empower innate peace within us. Harnessing the influence of uplifting messages, this video aims to leave a lasting imprint, fostering hope for a better tomorrow.

Dante, el prisionero de la torre

Feature Film
Directed by Frank Reyes

Dante, is a young vampire who lock himself in a tower efter a trauma. Sol, a vampire girl comes to rescue him.

Deadly Blue

Short Film
Directed by  Diana Cignoni

Gabriella loves her son so much, sometimes too much. Living in a world half reality, half fantasy a mother and son need only each other.

Delivery Day

Short Film
Directed by Tim Safiullin

"Delivery Day" unfolds as an interesting tale of Max, a young man in urgent need of money to cover the unexpected funeral expenses of his recently deceased father. Max takes on the role of a food delivery driver for a day. From that moment, his life takes an unexpected turn, transforming into a genuine adventure.
Max encounters various challenges, from workplace intricacies to awkward conversations with his ex-girlfriend. His day as a delivery driver paints a vivid picture of the film's grotesque aesthetic.
"Delivery Day" offers viewers an intimate glimpse into Max's inner world, prompting reflection on the choices one must make when faced with the immediacy of life's challenges.

Deserted in Bertie

Directed by  Keyonda Smith

In northeastern North Carolina, Bertie County is one of the largest counties in the state and is classified as a "rural" food desert resulting from "Food Apartheid." As a predominately African American population, there is only ONE grocery store to cover the county's entire 741 square miles.

Shopping for junk food is more convenient and economically feasible due to mere accessibility and affordability. Bertie County's economic deprivation has resulted in 100% of all children receiving free school lunches. The area is economically deprived, with few employment opportunities. In 2020, the U.S. Census Bureau reported the unemployment rate in Bertie County was 10 to 12%.

Deserted in Bertie examines the County's residents' personal experiences and recommends potential solutions to reduce and alleviate food insecurity.

Digging Out

Short Film
Directed by Lara Britton

Trapped in the trauma of her past and haunted by the voice of her abusive partner, a woman sorts through a wall of boxes in an old, rusty shipping container. With each box she discards, the voice gets louder, the effect of chronic abuse, until she uncovers a long-hidden artifact that sparks long-suppressed memories of who she once was, forcing her to confront her past in order to move on to the future.


Short Drama
Directed by PETER CM CHIN

A fitness lifestyle influencer plunges deep into social media pressures and crypto debt as his online popularity spirals downwards.


Feature Film
Directed by  Scott Deschaine

This rollicking horror comedy feature pits young lawyer Arc Gabriel against The Counselor, a vampire lawyer who feeds on people's time.

Action, music, love, and monsters make DRACULAW a fun ride!

Eldritch, USA

Feature Film
Directed by Ryan Smith

ELDRITCH, USA features sibling rivals Geoff and Rich Brewer, who have competed all their lives over family, career, and love with Rich coming out on top and Geoff trailing in his shadow. Tragedy strikes and a backwoods cult rumored to have supernatural powers is enlisted to set things right. The cult's bumbling ritual unleashes forces beyond their control and creates mayhem for the quiet, Midwestern town.

Featuring 13 original songs cowritten by members from the band “Fox Royale”, ELDRITCH, USA’s pop/rock centric melodies carry the audience along the path of this darkly comedic adventure.

End of Trip - Sahara

Feature Film
Directed by Antonio Rodríguez Cabal

Step back in time to the vibrant 1970s, where two young Spanish adventurers, Javier and Rafa, venture into the Sahara Desert, driven by a hunger for thrilling escapades and the yearning for an unforgettable journey.

Amidst the vast expanse of sand, they discover the allure of friendship, the allure of risk... and the alluring Florence, a captivating French muse whose presence awakens a whirlwind of emotions. Together, they brave the perils of the notorious "Desert Pirates," immerse themselves in the ethereal wonders of the Tuareg culture, and endure the relentless grip of the shifting sands.
But it is Javier alone who unearths the extraordinary secret guarded by "Tin-Hinan," the enigmatic Tuareg princess with a spirit as vast as the desert itself.

Exceptional Beings

Feature Film
Directed by Njedeh Anthony

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Feature Film
Directed by ANTONIO BIDO

Miriam, a pianist of clear fame devoted to music, in order not to compromise her career, forcefully refuses motherhood despite the insistence of Andrea, her partner and a modest pianist. However, the obstinacy of that refusal is neither casual nor purely selfish and has roots and motivations back in time: a tragic past, which Miriam thought had been removed forever and which instead returns to loom forcefully on both of them amidst nightmares and terrible physical and psychological consequences.

Getting Hit by Maturity in the Age of #whatthefuckshallwedowithourlives 

Short Film
Directed by Alexandra Leonie Kronberger

The short film "Getting Hit by Maturity in the Age of #whatthefuckshallwedowithourlives" deals with the issues of the so-called Millenials and their utter shock of suddenly having crossed the unofficial threshold to "real" adulthood, their 30th birthday.
Moreover, the film tells about the feeling of a generation that is somehow lost in the middle between the baby boomers, most of whom are still traditionally entrenched, and the younger GenZ, who are taking to the streets again to save the world.

Gone to Ground

Feature Film
Directed by Phil Peel

When an old ex RAF wartime pilot rescues an injured woman from a car accident. She says she's a sex worker and their cultures clash as he’s shocked by her feral in-your-face sexuality and she’s exasperated by his mannered irritating routines, but as she slowly recovers they learn to accept each other ..until her violent past returns to threaten both their lives.


Feature Film
Directed by  Jon-Claire Lee

GREED tells the story of an Indian man who gets deeper and deeper involved in the Australian gangland underworld. He only wants to get enough money to go back to homeland to rescue his parents from abject poverty, but is forced to make increasing difficult decisions that go against what's left of his conscience. How far is too far when one tries to reach his noble goal? GREED is an epic film tribute to Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather, a story of family relationships, intrigues and betrayals set against a violent world where nothing is legal, but where everything is possible.


Directed by Guldana Talgat

This film began as my thesis several years ago. It is a personal look at the local history in my father's hometown as well as an environmental catastrophe that took place there and the natives who struggled to end it. It was a pleasure reconnecting with my father's hometown and the people living there and giving them a forum to share their memories and testimonies.


Happy Birthday

Feature Film
Directed by Joseph A Mauro, Ezekiel N Drews

Happy Birthday takes place two years after a major viral outbreak. We follow the daily routine of John, a man living in a remote cabin in the middle of the woods. He lost his entire family to the virus on his daughter’s birthday. Having never been able to let go of the events of that day, John repeats the same actions of wearing the same clothing, eating the same food and baking the same birthday cake. When another human shows up at his door step, John is forced to face that day and deal with the feelings he has been trying to avoid. But is this stranger a savior or a threat?

Hobson's Choice

Directed by Daniel Robinson

A high-profile casting director is forced to choose between two deserving candidates - a rising star, or her talented niece - for a career-defining role.

In the Silence

Feature Film
Directed by Adam A Orton

David and his wife Sam move to the country to cope with the tragedy of losing their son, but discover that their new home is haunted.

Life After

Short Film
Directed by Autumn Libengood

A priest unable to escape the shame. A pastor haunted by her memories. Neither knows how the trauma of their past will affect their future.

Little Miss Sunshine

Short Film
Directed by Charli Brown

Never come between a Man and his Espresso. Especially if that Man is Croix Braesan.

Lucinda´s Pandora

Short Film
Directed by Sylvia Piechocki Gonzalez

A woman destroys the life of her new love out of nowhere and faces her hidden self in the shadow of this existence.

Lucia's world

Short Film
Directed by cédrick spinassou, robin iff

Welcome to Lucia's world! Lucie likes coke heads, koalas, drawing, and especially sleeping... It's even her favorite moment!

Luke and Oscar

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Mad Props

Documentary/ Feature
Directed by Juan Pablo Reinoso

A handsome nerd journeys the globe to turn the conventional art world on its head, set to prove to historians and critics alike that movie props are as important an art form as the greatest paintings and sculptures in history.

Mandy's Voice

Short Film
Directed by Roxanna Lewis

A curious and intelligent nonspeaking autistic girl struggles to communicate. Her mother is desperate to provide the necessary tools for survival in a world where if one is without a voice ~ one is perceived as invisible as well.

Led by Director, Roxanna Lewis, our film champions women and diverse voices through the representation of our female-forward team comprised of a female director, female producers and a female writer. The cast, crew and executive team are comprised of individuals who are on the spectrum and those immersed in the life-long commitment of creating a safer, more caring world for individuals who are neurodiverse (parents, therapists, advocates). Lead actress, Rachel Barcellona recently made history as the first individual on the spectrum, and who identifies as non-binary/trans to have been selected as "Miss Florida America" - her national and international work in advocacy is making a difference! People of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and entertainment industry experience (from novice to pro) are lending their time, resources and talents to bring this film to screens around the world.
**Closed Caption version available upon request

Mister Anyone

Short Film
Directed by Adalberto Lombardo

The sensitive Ilias, works in a Parisian theatre, living in his own reality. The love not reciprocated for the young actress Capucine will open up his eyes about his true talent.

Never Any Blue

Feature Film
Directed by Charles Curtice

An A-list celebrity good ole boy with humble beginnings struggles to overcome the guilt and grief that now plague his everyday life after the death of his fiance fourteen months ago.

Not An Animal

Short Film
Directed by Alexander Angliss-Wilson

After rescuing a child they presume to be the victim of human trafficking, ex-cop now criminal Jason and his accomplice Spooky discover that the truth is far more complicated.

On Her Behalf

Short Film
Directed by Iraj Habashi

“Azar “is a taxi driver in Tehran. She has a friend (Mahtab) who is blind. She unwillingly has to start a journey through the city together with “Mahtab”, helping her to find the truth about something very important. While “Azar” is supposed to see on her behalf, she has to make a very hard decision.

Older Self

Short Film
Directed by Tom Michaels

Reeling from the loss of his wife, a grieving widower contemplating suicide mysteriously transports himself inside his closet 30 years into the future where he comes face to face with the mystery of the unknown.

Peak Kira

Short Film
Directed by Marin Mandir

Rise and fall of Kira, as she and Dražen uncover a financial embezzlement at their company.


Directed by  Elisabetta Cancelli

Through the nostalgic gaze of the 80s and 90s nostalgia, the story tells of Damjan, a young romantic who becomes attached to a girl he meets on a dating site. However, when she ghosts him apparently for no reason, the boy will try to contact her and understand why she disappeared so suddenly.


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SATURNEERS Episode 1 "Death-Maze of Kemok Thunn" 

Animation, Short
Directed by Jonathan Nolan

John "Man-Devil" Demandeville awakens on the violent alien world of Enceladus to face a horde of murderous dungeon-beasts!

Sara, the force of the sea

Feature Film
Directed by Andrés Ricaurte, Martín Agudelo Ramírez

Sara is a judge very committed to the cases she hears in her office. After meeting David, a young artist, on the beach, she must make decisions about her work and her relationship with Lucas, her husband. Sara, through the force of the sea, wants to achieve spaces of freedom. The encounters with a Caribbean woman, Rosa, and an enigmatic man from the city, Virgilio, will be decisive in resolving her personal dilemmas and better understanding the meaning of justice in a society indifferent to the most marginalized people and with enormous inequality.

Secrets of Memory

Short Film
Directed by André Rodrigues


A breathtaking thriller about betrayal and revenge that plays with the minds and memories of its characters and the viewer. A delight for fans of films like Inception, Memento and Mr. Nobody.


Daniel is a bored guy. He decides to try to find someone on a dating app.

Anne is a woman looking for some "adventure".

Dr. Anthony is a scientist who only cares about his work.

Soon they will meet and make some decisions that they may want to forget.


Short Film
Directed by cédrick spinassou

Hubert has a peaceful and comfortable life: a wife, a mistress, a very beautiful home. Until the day his wife invites a neighbor to dinner.


Directed by Seth Dacio

Inspired by a true story, a 19-year-old young man's lung spontaneously collapses. We see him physically and mentally struggle throughout his physical healing process and his mental perspective of the situation during a global pandemic.

Spy High 

Short Film
Directed by  Josh Minnie

Airline stewardess and spy Camille Towe must clear her name in this 1960's thriller spoof.

Stromboli – as long as the heart beats

Driected by Hanspeter Aliesch, Zürich

For many villagers of Stromboli, the volcano is both its Soul, and at the same time, a monster. And for some of them, the view of the volcano, was the last of their lives.

During the great eruptions of 1930… Maria lost her grandfather. For many years, Maria has hoped that Grandpa is still alive.
The fisherman, the philosopher, the cook… they're all dependent, bound to the mountain – a life in the unknown.

This is Maria’s story… and a little bit of Stromboli's too.

The Documentary was shot in nativ 3D from 2013 to 2019.
Italian, English, German Versions (Storyteller) - with Subtitles original or as Dubbing versions.


Feature FilmDirected by  TISSY NNACHI

Thanks to Her 

Directed by Sam McCoy

Millie Blake has always been a perfectionist. A soccer star and straight A student, her main focus is on her future. So receiving a month of community service at a local nursing home, after trying to break up a fight at school - not how she pictured the start of her senior year of high school.

To make matters worse, Millie is stuck at the nursing home with the instigator of the fight: Andy Wellick. She is another senior student, who is outspoken about her identity as a lesbian on the asexual spectrum. Initially, the two girls butt heads, but the tension quickly blossoms into friendship as they learn more about each other.

As time goes on and Millie’s friendship with Andy grows into something more, she finds herself trying to find the courage to finally show her true self to her friends and family. This coming of age, all-inclusive LGBTQ+ film focuses on the self, sexuality, and how that plays out in one's community

The Adventures of R.I.E.B.

Short Film
Directed by Jimmy Miller

A scientist transforms himself into a robots computer. The planet the robot is on, is only inhabited by creatures and robots, unless, a ship carrying humans or aliens crashes onto the planet. Is he good or evil? You decide.

The Asifa Bano Story

Directed by Mina Isabella JafriMalik

Asifa Bano was only eight years old when she went missing. Abducted from her village, she was drugged, starved, raped, and brutally tortured before eventually being murdered, all in the hopes of chasing her people away from their homeland.

The Beginning of Growing 

Directed by Sara Roos Klijn

‘The Beginning of Growing’ is an experimental short film about growing up and feeling different in an environment where that is not appreciated and accepted. The film starts out with a group of people called ‘the normals’, who represent this environment, moving with each other. The protagonist of the film suddenly breaks through, this is her ‘birth’. She’s different from the normals, but she doesn’t notice that, she’s seeing the ‘world’ for the first time. That is, until she gets dragged down by the normals for being different. The protagonist struggles against them at first, but she can’t win. They leave her behind. She realizes she has to change to be accepted, which is visualized by the change into the same beige clothing. Suppressing herself might be more ‘safe’, but leaves her feeling empty.

The next phase represents wanting to find out who you really are and trying things out little by little, but being too afraid to stick to something. The protagonist sits in a grass field covered with beads of different sizes and colors, which she starts making a necklace of while her outfit constantly changes. The beads are different kinds of experiences throughout her youth: happy, sad, traumatizing, loving, confusing and more. Once the necklace is done, she examining it, which is quite an emotional process. She notices a mirror, which helps her truly see herself for the first time. She starts to slowly accept herself and her past as something that makes her who she is.
However, going into the third phase, she notices a group of people are looking at her. She is startled and recoils. These people are ‘the others’, a group of friends who is very different from each other, yet very expressive and open minded. They appreciate each other for who they are. This group is dancing with each other and the leader invites the protagonist to join them, but even though she’s curious, she doesn’t feel safe enough. After watching from a safe distance, she gets invited by another group member. This member is more gentle and the protagonist accepts the invite. Dancing with the group, she’s experiencing something new: true friendship and acceptance. She feels safe and free for the first time. The film ends with the protagonist looking empowered and happy into the camera while dancing in the middle of the group.
Throughout the film, she goes through the motions of learning to accept herself for who she is and eventually braves the road to self-expression with the help of a chosen family.

The Brawler

Short Film
Directed by Minh Nguyen

Paying homage to Kung Fu action films of the 70s and 80s.
After the brutal murder of his mother, Fang Liu Shen seeks revenge against the gangsters who committed the act.

The Carrier 

Directed by Andrei Turcan

In his existential crisis, a desperate courier driver is tasked with delivering an ominous package under strange and questionable conditions. Due to his difficult life circumstances, he is forced to accept this offer and thereby grants a higher power control over him.

The Devil's Entrance

Short Film
Directed by Tom Michaels

When an arrogant practitioner of the dark arts finds a mysterious pendant in the forest, it unleashes a supernatural force upon him in a never ending cat and mouse game within an invisible world cloaked underneath a physical plane of existence.

The Hard Times

Short Film
Directed by Joseph Mills

Under the backdrop of the Irish Potato Famine, Eoin, a young potato farmer struggles to balance the expectations of God, his brother Connor and his own desire for freedom, all while comprehending his hidden feelings for Mary - his brothers wife

The Christmas Devil

Directed by  Kaona Liang

To prevent punishment from the "Devil," James and Runa must fill the Christmas bag with gifts before Christmas Eve.

That Muscle Shoals Sound

Music Video
Directed by Rick Revel, Kevin Kehl

This is a tribute to Jimmy Johnson and The Swampers who created a unique sound in a small town in North Alabama.

The Last Butterflies

Short Film
Directed by Patrick Rea

After a collection of environmental disasters lead society to the brink of collapse a young mother must find ways to survive with her small child as they navigate the near-future apocalypse.

The Other Side

Directed by Yue Zhu

A dying nightmare of a guilty man.

The Relentless Patience of Priscilla Cranberry 

Short Film
Directed by Patrick Trettenero

This new short comedy film tells the story of Priscilla Cranberry, as she attempts to navigate the challenging romantic landscape of being a single woman in the Victorian era. This pre-feminist fable is based on the stand-up comedy of Cynthia Levin and marks the first project by Staro Industries, the creative studio founded in 2022 by producer/director Patrick Trettenero. Filmed with a micro-budget of $5,000 entirely on location in Pine Plains NY.

The True Cost of War

Short Film
Directed by Tony Hindhaugh

Hard-hitting documentary following the day of a Ukrainian military funeral. The true cost of war is not about oil, or territory. It's about the loss of life, something that can never be replaced.

The Station

Feature Film
Directed by Cristina Maure

The Station tells the story of Sofia, a mysterious woman who arrives walking to "Vila Clemência" in the hope of catching a train, because the train she was on broke down. As the train does not appear, Sofia has no other choice that stay at the boarding house that the National Railway Company offers to passengers that casually arrive there. Thus begins his saga that consists of trying to leave that place to go after her husband, who abandoned her for another woman. We see her conviviality with the other passengers confinated there, some of them for a long time. Each one, deals with their destiny waiting for a train that can pass several times a year or can go more than 10 years without passing.
The film shows how even planning each step, human being can end up walking paths never before imagined, because we really don’t have control of anything.

The Voice Left

Feature Film
Directed by Roberta Ribas, Gustavo Machado

Frustrated journalist Paulo is ensnared by neighbor Marina, waitress and actress. She once seduced him in the elevator, and since then, she never let him go, even though she also never let go of her marriage. Trapped in work, creative block, and Marina's grip, Paulo chooses to cut ties. Drunk, he records a love-hate farewell on a cassette for her. Film depicts his escape attempt and internal battle, shared through recording for the absent Marina.

To be or to be?

Short Film
Directed by Leyla Begim

The main character of the film "To be or to be?" - writer and traveler, Giacomo Casanova. Casanova is the author of the translation of the libretto by Louis Cahuzac of the opera by J.F. Rameau "Zoroastre" ("Zarathustra"). 298-year-old Giacomo returns to Earth to travel from West to East, to the homeland of Zarathustra. Casanova heads to the Temple of Fire, reflecting on the immortal spiritual component of life, on the boundless, timeless, universal value of earthly and extraterrestrial existence. Having laid a bridge between the two oldest cities of Western and Eastern civilization, Prague and Baku, the authors of the film send their hero in search of a source of spiritual light...


Short Film
Directed by cédrick spinassou

The commitment of one person can sometimes affect millions. It's often when you think it's a waste of time that you should never give up.


Feature Film
Directed by Patricia Kelly

A middle-aged, middle-class census worker who forms an unlikely bond with an abandoned inner city teen.


Feature Film
Directed by Sheldon A Woodson

Marcus Surgeons has the ability to allow the spirits of the recently deceased to enter his body in order to obtain closure before moving on. He does this for financial gain leaving his body, soul, and spirit open to an unwelcomed entity with a hidden agenda.

Vindication Swim

Feature Film
Directed by Elliott Hasler

The inspirational true story of Mercedes Gleitze, who in 1927 became the first British woman to swim the English Channel. 'Vindication Swim' depicts Mercedes’ upstream struggle in overcoming both the cold waters of the English Channel and the oppressive society of 1920s England. However, after a rival comes forward claiming to have accomplished the same feat, Mercedes is forced into battle to retain her record and her legacy.

volte face

Short Film
Directed by cedrick spinassou

three sisters that everything opposes, meet to visit their mothers.


Short Film
Directed by Tamara Cook

‘The Pestilence has destroyed all forms of urban life. Cities are abandoned…small, nomadic tribes of women roam the desolate, unproductive country looking for food. The women are forced to hunt the harsh landscape. Their survival skills have become keen and they have grown physically strong. Their senses are that of an animal’s. However, their existence relies on one thing…’
Set in an apocalyptic future, ‘Y’ is the journey of four surviving women searching to overcome their need for ‘Y’ and to secure the future of humanity. This is an epic tale where survival meets myth, and the realms of earth and magic are fundamentally intertwined. ‘Y’ is told with an unexpected humor, and a delightful sense of the bizarre.

Your move, my lady

Directed by Tereza Hirsch

Regina, who is caring for her ill husband, has a family friend – a catholic priest – over for dinner. Suddenly, and without being invited, her cousin-in-law Eric (who is in a wheelchair after being in a recent accident) and his wife Victoria arrive at her home with their attorney, demanding to speak to her bed-ridden spouse upstairs. Regina however, refuses to let them see him, insisting that they discuss the matter with her instead. The lawyer – Robert – attempts to shed light on a troubling legal development the two couples appear to find themselves in after the recent death of Regina’s father-in-law and the owner and co-founder of the family’s business empire. A baby and its attempted conception, which would solidify a majority of shares as well as controlling interest in the company for one of the couples, throw both into a whirlwind of accusations, excuses, scheming, betrayal, attack plots, defense strategies and generally all-out family war between the two cousins and their wives.

Wake Up Mijita!

Directed by Daniel E. Kennedy

When a Latina teen is depressed and suicidal, her parents struggle to know how to support her and two scenarios are played out of how they respond and each have very different outcomes.


Short Film
Directed by cédrick spinassou

Jeff must recover something important for Alex but this one is petrified at the thought of it...


Feature Film
Directed by  Dylan Chow

In the gripping story set in Myanmar, seven young individuals with diverse backgrounds are brought together by a shared passion for freedom and an unwavering commitment to revolution. The captivating journey of each story will delve into the profound exploration of personal experiences: a Tatmadaw soldier who rebels against unfair orders and joins the resistance; ; a young man despairs after seeing his companions die, betrayed by people he trusted, and forced to flee; a carefree youngster from a simple upbringing is thrust into the coup-fighting revolution; a young, loving couple whose girlfriend is shot in front of her boyfriend; a selfless doctor risks everything for his people and revolution; a young man who secretly spies to obtain critical information. They have willingly sacrificed their futures, fame, lives, families, homes, and possessions, and they know that losses may outweigh any gains. Nevertheless, they remain resolute and keep moving forward. Regardless of their location—be it the treacherous jungles, foreign lands, or dangerous cities—they refuse to surrender. Driven by the collective efforts of each person involved, the revolution perseveres. Unyielding and steadfast, they vow to continue fighting until victory is achieved.