Steven Mihaljevich

Head of Jury for Short  Films

Steven J Mihaljevich is an actor, director, composer, writer, editor and media producer known for the creation of independent comedy web series "Search for the Deadliest Rokstaar" and "What Women Want."

Other notable acting roles have included independent feature films "Death Bet" and "The Misguided" (unreleased) , whilst he has composed music for feature films "Severance Pay" "The Misguided" as well as numerous short films including "Ever Watchful" "Widow" and "To Live and Die in Perth." Steven has directed numerous web series, music video's and short films.

Steven formed his own media production house in 2011, M.Productions, which has been responsible for numerous award-winning music video productions for artists such as Big Prodeje, Chelsea Basham, Jonny Taylor, Sisters Doll and Rob Walker. In 2015, Steven developed his own theatre company, Playtime Theatre Productions, which has now become Playtime Film and Theatre Productions.

Tom Collins AND James Collins

Head of Jury for Feature Films

Tom and James Collins are a sibling writer/director duo based in Cape Town, South Africa. They have been making films together since 2012, which has allowed their filmmaking collaboration to become almost second nature. They have a keen focus on heartfelt performances and have had a long history of fostering environments on set that enable first-time actors, including children, to thrive. With academic backgrounds in music and environmental science, they approach their work with a mix of creative and analytical perspectives, which they often apply to a range of humanitarian themes.

In 2021, they wrote and directed a French 3-part miniseries titled Vaillante. The series, which was fictional but inspired by a collection of true stories, follows the story of a 14 year old girl who becomes a child bride. It was produced by Rooftop Productions for UNICEF. The series was broadcast on Canal Plus across central and west Africa and screened at Canal Olympia cinemas in 12 countries.

Their most recent short film, Sand Castles, is finishing up its festival run where so far it has won awards for best director, best short film at London Director Awards and best child actor at Venice Shorts.