Dianna Anastasia Diverno

What topic do you address in your script? And why?
So far I have had the opportunity to cover all topics through my entire literary work, and in the script "The Legionnaire Of The Dragon And Queen Of The Flowers" I deal with a topic that is primarily interesting to the youngest population. The script is of the sci-fi genre and would be very interesting as an animated film. In the script, I deal with the theme of the evil dragon Tylon, who has a legion of the best legionnaires and sends on a mission to steal children from the moon meadow of flowers from the star "Fleur". One of the legionnaires steals Princess Eloisa, the daughter of King Hannelore, and brings her to Earth where the evil dragon Tilon currently rules. The young legionnaire had no idea at the time that he had actually initiated the liberation of the Earth itself from the centuries-old evil to which the inhabitants were exposed.


How do people feel after reading your script?
The script has so far been published as a novel in English, and also as a fairy tale in Norwegian and English. Impressions are positive. It is anticipated that a novel based on this script, to publish for the United Kingdom in print in the near future and to create a promotion of this literary work in London. But also other literary works that have already been published and are available in your country. I don't know if I'll be able to publish this novel at the same time and if the animation of this script is done, but I think it would be a successful hit.

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Do you think movies can change people for better or worse?
It all depends on what kind of film it is – whether it shows violence through directing and production work or whether it is something that has a positive effect on viewers.

According to dramaturgy in 3 acts, how would you define your story?
An adventurous and entertaining theme that, as an animated film, would certainly hold a significant aspect of attention of the youngest population, which was primarily my goal when I was doing a theme such as this script. The very plot of this scenario experiences some form of so-called escalation of the plot precisely through the form of the incursion of the Dragon Legionnaires on the Moon meadow of flowers, the abduction of children and princesses, which leads us to a further skillfully deliberate elaboration, where the final tension is reflected in the great Dragon Ball, which leads us to resolve the entire plot that dominates this part. The audience through the plot cannot immediately guess how the plot will flow, but I think that the characterization of the characters and the dialogues that are being conducted are what makes this scenario a beautiful noble story with a symbolic happy ending.

How does the main character develop? What actors (typologically) do you envision in your project?
I don't currently have a detailed vision of what animated characters should truly look like in that final form. It's also a matter of the director himself and the people involved in animation. Currently, there is only an animated depiction of the characters from the fairy tale that I personally did, and as the character eloise I portrayed the character of my mom from youth. She was very much like British Queen Alexandra.

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 Why do you think your script should appeal to a director?
"The Legionnaire Of The Dragon and Queen Of The Flowers" I once spoke with a man from ''Cutting factory'' who has its representative offices in Berlin, London and Los Angeles. The theme of the dragon Tilon, the brave legionnaire Severinio and Princess Eloisa and the whole plot seemed very interesting. Last year I was offered some form of cooperation with studies in London and Berlin, which would mean that I have to visit the British capital

At which festivals did you receive the award?
So far, I have won several awards at film festivals. I am the winner of the ''4 Theatre selection'' festival, I won the place finalist at the ''Paris International Short Festival'', then the semi finalist at the ''Dublin Movie Awards'' and I am in the selection of the ''Red Fox International Film Festival'' and semi-finalist ''San Diego International Film Awards''. Also, I participate in some other festivals in the United States and Germany, France, Hungary, as well as Italy... My scripts are current: ''Last Wedding'', ''Samba To Death'', ''Wilhelm Gustloff'', ''Komodo – Godfathers of Italian Mafia'', ''Topaz In Flint''...

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Which screenwriters are your favorite and why?
I don't think I could answer the question this time.

What topics are your scripts talking about?
I've written about all the topics so far, primarily through the first published novels that I have in large numbers. The scripts were created through the process of adapting the novel. Only the scripts for cartoons, and I have 12 of them were created without dealing with the process of adaptation itself.

What motivates you most to write a script?
I believe that as a writer I should also be engaged in writing scripts, to express interest in presenting the plot and argumentation of a literary work through the process of adaptation and offer it to film producers and directors. I have novels that happen on all continents in this world, they are written through almost all literary genres, which I have been sincerely and devotedly dedicated to for many years, so it is interesting to present all this through the structure of the script and this approach those people who read books somewhat less, but always like to watch movies.

 What are your plans in your future careers?
I plan to present my entire work on scripts that I have closer to 50, to filmmakers and film producers, and this actively participate in the work of the film industry. As far as the United Kingdom is concerned, I still have an offer to make a cartoon, to publish my printed novels for the British market, and to present myself and my work in this way, which is really starting to amaze me. The offer to pursue a periodic film and literary career in the UK is really interesting you admit?

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