Ewa Pirog

Ewa Pirog is an artist at heart, with an emphasis on the heart. She has worked with severely disabled children since her teenage years, which led her to pursue a career in Special Education based in the U.S. When she was not working as a special educator she was volunteering as a leader on the Community Education Council along with her hands-on advocate work in several programs making life better for children and the elderly.

She also has a Bachelors in Fine Arts and has worked as a freelance Graphic Designer which helped her dive into all of the artistic elements of her first film project “Fallen: The Search of a Broken Angel”.

Of the many hats she wore in the two person crew made up of the twins were Director of Photography, Assistant Director, Line Producer, Production Designer, Casting, Wardrobe, Makeup, and Graphic Design (Poster). This is her first film/media project and wearing many hats forced her to learn quickly. Having bumped into misogyny and men wanting to take advantage of her in several fields she has tried to work in, she preferred to dedicate herself to raising her teenage daughter and working on spiritually rewarding creative projects like this one.

Your project has entered our festival. What is your project about?
Our project is about spiritual connections. There is a knowing, an intuition, a yearning, and finally finding that piece which completes the puzzle. It tells our factual story and shows some of the events that lead up to us (myself and Alex) meeting in the physical plane. We give the audience an intimate window into our experience to explore with us some of our questions and some of our synchronicities prior to meeting.

2_Interview_photoJPGEwa Pirog and Alex Kruz

What are your ambitions with your project?
My ambition with this project is to help other twin flame couples with this challenging, but rewarding journey. Motivating them to face the challenges instead of falling prey to ego and running away from it. Most of the challenges you think are your partners are actually yours. What you think are their challenges are actually the same ones you have to overcome. They’re your mirror soul. At the same time I want to inspire and empower women to believe in themselves when facing the challenges in their emotional and professional journey. It’s never too late to do something new or something you’ve always wanted to do, whatever that maybe.


Tell us something about your shooting? What pleasantly surprised you?
What surprised me was how much fun and collaboration we had filming this project with Alex. Being a twin flame you get just as much opposition and challenges as you do togetherness and oneness at the same time. The challenge is that you never know when the polarities of that magnet will change. What also surprised me is that when it mattered our synchronization allowed us to work quickly and effectively without any artistic differences, sometimes even without speaking.

Ewa Pirog and Alex Kruz behind the scenes. Usually laughing.

For what group of spectators is your film targeted?
This film is targeted for anyone and everyone who wants to listen and see some of the parts of our journey. There are so many and all are different and somehow still similar. Everyone faces their own challenges. I want to inspire those who want to listen and possibly answer some of their questions about this type of journey.

5_Interview_photopngStill from “Fallen: The Search of a Broken Angel” - Serena Profaci

Why should distributors buy your film?
We didn’t make this movie for distributors to buy it. They may do so at their will. It is a very informative movie, based on facts that I know will help and answer questions for many that are going through similar experiences and challenges. We’re hoping to help and inspire others. Whether they are going through a similar experience , whether they are still on the search to find their counterpart or whether they are just interested in exploring this topic.

Ewa Pirog attending Film Festivals

How would you specify your work? What characterizes your film?
I am incredibly direct. That clearness of purpose can come off the wrong way to many people who might take it in a different way or as rudeness. Another one of my characteristics is that I am extremely visual. Both Alex and I have that instinct and intuition with the visual. Technically, I use the camera like a scalpel to open up the head of the subject and get into their inner workings. I like playing with the angles and the closeups. I believe the emotional truth can be explored in this way even without any dialogue.

Still from “The Fallen: The Search of a Broken Angel” - Ewa Pirog getting into Serena’s head space

Why did you decide to become a filmmaker?
Fate. All other doors were closed for one reason or another, but most definitely fate. We felt that this is an incredible story and wanted to share it with others. I love the world of film! It’s a moving art; art in motion! It’s a beautiful way to tell a story that many want to know more about.

Ewa Pirog on set with production assistants and male lead, Christalo Castro.

Who is your role model?
Honestly? I don’t think I have any particular role model. For different areas we have different role models. Everything exists to show us something or teach us something, but when it comes to this particular project Alex was definitely my role model based on our connection and his previous experience in movie making.

Behind the Scenes - Alex Kruz teaching Ewa Pirog how to f#@k up a camera

Which movies are your favorites? Why?
I enjoy many movies of different genres, but I can definitely say I enjoy watching sci-fi/fantasy movies or shows the most.

My favorites are “Star Wars”, “Star Trek”, “Stargate”, “Labrinth”, and “The Witcher”. Sci-Fi movies remind me that there is something more out there than just us. There are other species outside of humans in different parts of the universe. It’s a big universe. It would be a waste of space if we were the only ones here. Also through my past life regressions I have seen these other places that I have existed in, lives as other species, and obviously I’ve shared many of these lives together with Alex. Comparing notes was always super interesting.

I also like Martial Arts movies, particularly Bruce Lee movies like “Enter the Dragon '' or shows like the “Warriors”. I like martial arts movies because I love the spiritual force behind it, old fashioned weaponry arts, and energy work: the wonder of channeling energy itself. I love that no matter what someone’s size and gender, if someone is able to get into the right headspace with the proper focus and concentration behind the technique they can seemingly overcome impossible odds, like “Ip Man”.

Ewa Pirog’s happy place

Where do you look for inspiration for your films?

Life! Life events, spiritual work, nature, and connections to others. In this case my connection with my twin flame is what inspired this movie. We started with a different project and a different theme in mind and fate brought us to this, which is filming “Fallen”. As this is my first movie, I can’t say much more about inspiration, as I will look for inspiration in different places for different projects. Hoping now with more experience the next one will be even better!

Ewa Pirog and Alex Kruz - Life

Which topics interest you the most?
The misunderstood, the conflicted, complicated love, and predestined outcomes. Examination and experimentation with time and space, parallel universes and parallel timelines, and of course, quantum entanglement. The art of film is a great way of approaching and exploring these themes.

Still from film “Fallen: The Search of a Broken Angel” - Alex Kruz goes multidimensional

What do you consider your greatest achievement in your career?
Even though I started the career of filmmaking later than most in my life, for me it is already one of my greatest achievements.

Having been nominated for various awards and having been interviewed gives me a chance to inspire and motivate other women and show that even though I had to go through a great number of obstacles, and life's NOT so great scenarios and experiences , I am still able to do great things.

My relationships, especially with my daughter and having to raise her solely on my own, who at 17yrs old is in her second year in a University is just the same; my greatest achievement.

Ewa Pirog with her daughter, Aliya, and camel friends (Yes, they all spit!)

What do you consider most important about filming?
Having fun, enjoying the work, enjoying the filmmaking process. When you enjoy the things you do the work flows and it shows at the end. Getting it done and staying focused on the project. Not letting oneself to be distracted or disappointed by things that are out of one's control.

Ewa Pirog behind the scenes while shooting in Arizona playing with Arizona bark scorpions

Which film technique of shooting do you consider the best?
An organic, romantic, detail oriented approach. Playing with the levels and the distance to capture the rawness and the emotion of the scene.

How would you rate/What is your opinion about current filmmaking?
The current state of filmmaking is complex, the technology exists to be able to make a movie without a big budget studio but those same large media monopolies have advantages that an independent filmmaker doesn’t have.

What can disappoint you in a movie?
Bitches and snitches. Both get stitches! j/k
You know what disappoints me? Movies that have overly ambitious trailers. They have all of the good parts in it and you don’t need to watch the movie anymore (The War with Grandpa).

Who supports you in your film career?
Why do you need permission or support to be who you are? You always want to be supported by your loved ones, but it doesn't always work that way; I was going to be who I was whether my parents, my family, or partners supported my dreams or not. It took me that long to realize it (Picard, face on palm). Many people live their entire life a certain way because of other people. On a rainy day I have Lin Wang the elephant. ????

Ewa Pirog with Elephant Friend Lin Wang????

What are the reactions to your film? (opinion of spectators, film critics, friends and family)
To be determined. Like the Kristina character, most of my life I’ve hid my artistic pursuits. So here I am! ????

Have you already visited any of the prestigious film festivals?
Actually we have not yet. We have had over 750 film festival invitations and a few personal messages for distribution requesting the film. 750 out of 12,000 film festivals is roughly 6%. I guess that’s not so bad without even submitting the project yet for our global premiere. I would really like to premiere somewhere with a spiritual connection to both of Us.

What are your future plans in your filmmaking career?
This is my first film, I started this kind of late, but I love the movie making process and I would like to further pursue this. At this moment, my story, my challenges can maybe give someone hope and motivation to keep moving forward.

Ewa Pirog while shooting in Asia. They call their pierogi dumplings there!