Nelson Beltran

Nelson Santiago Beltran is currently working as a clinical mental health counseling psychologist in the State of Michigan for a tiny clinic that helps people mental illness. He specializes in sex, money and career counseling utilizing CBT, Humanistic Psychology and within group and individual psychotherapy. He’s currently writing his first book and interviewing people on his Podcast and YouTube Channel called The Time Dojo. He has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Michigan State University and a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems from University of Phoenix. Recently he has completed his graduate degree in Clinical Psychology from Siena Heights University in December of 2022. He currently runs several online groups on Facebook such as Pinoy in Michigan and Real Hollywood Teams. He also teaches NLP through his company called Time Advisors LLC and is currently setting up a Film Production company LLC with his best friends. He is designing 3 self-development programs and in the process of inventing software. He works at a very large midwestern counselling center in several locations and is doing Telehealth psychotherapy with people.

He is an actor, screenwriter and film editor with a strong interest in Coming of Age, Action Thrillers, Romantic Comedies and Dramedy. His work has been influenced by John Hughes, David O' Russell, Josh Becker, Joel Paul Reisig, Steven Spielberg, David Lynch, Les Ward, and many others. He loves to put his audience and readers into the Philosophical, Humorous, Lucid Dreamy and Heroic Realms. Being a very lucky man, he attended the Elmore Leonard Film Festival in 2011 at the Community Care House in Birmingham, Michigan and got trained in writing with about one hundred other Michigan Filmmakers. After briefly speaking with Elmore, he was inspired to become an author and writer. We were trained on the habits of being a great writer and author. Elmore Leonard coached people to achieve being great writers. Nelson aspires to achieve the next level. He spent 5 years running an Improvisational Theatre Group called" Comedy Mart" at CMN TV in Troy, Michigan with Producer Arthur Surprenant. He's working on a series of Short Films and in the process of completing & developing his screenplays. He often quotes the legendary Brazilian author "Paulo Coelho" as being behind his vocation in Creative Writing. He loves watching funny sitcoms such as Three's Company, Entourage or great films such as Dances With Wolves and learning from great actors & actresses in their extraordinary performances. He collects bibles and screenplays. He completed his 1st Coming of Age screenplay Wabi Sabi. He completed Film, Finance & Distribution Training with Producer Joel Paul Reisig in the summer of 2013. He also completed a Comedy Drama titled Sushi Loves Sake in 2015. He cites his biggest achievement in life is his daughter, Natalie who's pursuing Nursing at the university. He is the son of Dr. Magdalena Beltran and Engineer, Benedicto C. Beltran from the Philippines. He has one brother, Vladimir; an automotive engineer.


Your project has entered in our festival. What is your project about?
Karma, my film is about Unlimited Love, Karma and Transformation in relationships! I wanted to show the 3 types of Karma with the 3 different couples to highlight Unlimited Love with the main couple (Matt and Thai) and also neutral karma (Isabella and Nelson)... and the obviously bad & argumentative relationship between Chris and Candy with a third party the internet stalker killer, Joe.

My film teaches people about ideal, karmic long term love relationship. It is one that men and women are working together where Sex, Self-Disclosure and Commitment have been achieved. I learned about loving “bonded relationships” from my Dr. Andrew M. Barclay aka “Dr. Love.” at Michigan State University that we as human beings must learn to overcome the 3 barriers to real love! We need to build “bonded relationships” with each other. I recently finished reading a brand-new book by Dr. Barclay called “The Memoirs of Dr Sex: Multidimensional Love can counteract Racism & Sexism in American Culture.”, where we as responsible adults have to work in partnership with our bonded love relationship till the day we die. We would ideally be married to our movie star wife or soulmate until we reach our 80s or 90s and die together in each other’s arms despite what Dog Eat Dog world dishes out to us! The ideal karmic relationship is one full of happiness, bliss, unlimited love, good karma and transformation!


What are your ambitions with your project?
I am currently writing a full 120 version with a seasoned screenplay writer, James Nalepka so that we can film it with A-List Actors and Actresses who want to work on an Independent Film. Jim is from the New York Film Academy and had worked at Disney long ago. He’s my best friend and actually convinced me in 2007 to become a writer. My wish is to reprise my role as “Matt” and work with an A-List actress such as Emelia Clarke. Camilla Belle, Ana De Armas(with Blonde hair!) or the hot actress of the moment?. I want to see Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence play Chris and Candy with either Dave Bautista or Jason Segal playing “Internet Stalker Joe.” Or I would love to see Chris Pine and Gal Gadot play Chris and Candy, perhaps Gerard Butler play the Internet Stalker. It would be very nice to have Zac Efron and Ana De Armas play Nelson and Isabel or even Daniel Craig and Rebecca Ferguson play Nelson and Isabel?

Tell us something about your shooting?
Well we shot the film on a Canon 35 mm and two other simple 35 mm Canon DSLR cameras.


What pleasantly surprised you?
The angles that David Shapiro he came up with to film the characters, Matt and Taylor for the initial scene for the first loving, quirky couple.


For what group of spectators is your film targeted?
This is for an audience who loves romantic comedy and watching new relationships evolve on film. The film has universal appeal because today many are fascinated by the topic of Karma.

Why should distributors buy your film?
I think this would be a fun film for many people to watch, especially when you have amazing A-List Actors and Actresses who want to make a creative film and are willing to take a big pay cut to make this quirky, campy and creatively fun film.

How would you specify your work?
I would specify it as Transformational Rom Com!
I want to offer Transformational films where my audience walks away from the theater with new insights and new solutions. One may imagine creating a world full of love, full of care And full of wisdom. I want my audience to reach nirvana and/or self-actualization from every film or screenplay that I write. I want my audience to reach Transformation and learn to operate from a spiritual level.

What characterizes your film?
My film is characterized by teaching the universal principles about karmic bonded relationships.
I believe Karma is tied to your destiny and your destiny can be good, bad or neutral. I also believe Karma is fully tied to the Law of Cause and Effect. IF you do bad things in this life, you cause bad things or events to occur in your life. IF you do extraordinary things in this life, you attract extraordinary love, energy and wealth for yourself. IF you don’t do anything, Karma is now in a neutral state.

Why did you decided to become a filmmaker?
I attended the Elmore Leonard Film Festival during the summer of 2011 where there were over 100 Michigan filmmakers. Elmore Leonard had a roundtable of writers i.e., Jim Bernstein and Mitch Albom. It was at first very frustrating to talk to one of the filmmakers, but Elmore Leonard, who was 83 years old at the time. He walked over and we had very powerful conversation. At first we all saw the first episode of “Justified” which is a crime thriller about top shot Sheriff. Elmore also wrote the novel, “Get Shorty” which became a big John Travolta film with an all-star cast. Elmore shared with everyone his writing habits. He was a very strong writer and powerfully taught everyone in the room the consistent habits of a successful writer. After listening to him, I felt empowered by him to start right away. So in 2012, I was able to complete my 1st script called Wabi Sabi Love, a romantic comedy. I felt a sense of wonder after registering this screenplay with the Writers Guild of America West in 2012.

Who is your role model?
 I can only say that I think I have not only one role model but several people I like to think are great role models such as Anthony Robbins, Dr Andrew Barclay, George Lucas, Abraham H. Maslow, Lawrence Kasdan, JJ Abrams, My mother, Magdalena who is a retired Clinical Psychiatrist and my father, Benedicto who is an engineer. Lately I have been inspired by Todd Herman, Jim Kwik, Steve Cook of Lifeonaire, Sadghuru of Inner Engineering and several of the teachers off Masterclass such as David Lynch, Natalie Portman, Samuel Jackson, Jodi Foster and Steve Martin. I also have to say one of my favorites would have to be John Hughes. He wrote the classic coming of age film, The Breakfast Club

Which movies are your favorites?
I grew up watching Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. I really loved all of John Hughes films such as Sixteen Candles and Weird Science. Of course all of the Star Wars and Star Trek movies. Lately I’ve been watching Limitless and all the rest of Bradley Cooper’s films. I loved watching every episode of the tv Show, Game of Thrones with Emilia Clarke and every episode of Friends starring Jennifer Aniston, etc. My favorite sci fi show is Dr. Who!

Why? I love romantic comedies, coming of age and action-adventure serial type of films. They mostly have happy endings!

Where do you look for inspiration for your films?
I read a lot. I love reading Paulo Coelho books such as The Alchemist, or Robert M. Pirsig’s book, Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Lila. I really enjoyed reading Dr. Joe Vitale’s books such as Zero Limits. I also keep a Journal, which is where I derive most of my new ideas and films!

Which topics interest you the most?
I love anything about Psychology.

What do you consider your greatest achievement in your career?
I recently finished my 2nd master’s degree in clinical Mental Health Counseling Psychology last year at Siena Heights University with amazing grades. My greatest achievement has to be when my daughter, Natalie was born in October 6, 2000.

What do you consider most important about filming?
I think it’s very important for Actors and Actresses to build long term relationships with crew members. And to be in a long term relationship relationship with all of the bread winners

Which film technique of shooting do you consider the best?
I think as long as you have great drinking.

How would you rate/What is your opinion about current filmmaking?
We are undergoing a high integrity and gritty strike from everyone which will in all likelihood shift the entire landscape

What can disappoint you in a movie?
I think I have a very good tool for psyche all my films I am watch.

Who supports you in your film career?
Luckily, my parents, and my closest friends who love to write i.e. It’s usually the same number of people.

What are the reactions to your film?
It’s very karmic and amazing.

Have you already visited any of the prestigious film festivals?
Yes, Last year we went to the Los Angeles Asian Awards festival which was held at the Raleigh Studio.

What are your future plans in filmmaking carrier?
As I have stated earlier, I want to attract happy investors willing to take my script and pay for it? I will be shooting it with James Nalepka. ! I am writing for specific people.