Peter Boiadzhieff

1. What is the story behind your film?

I really wanted to make a documentary film, but I did something similar to a talk show with a host that interviewing a guest. Where I was the host and the interviewer was Stephen Blackmon, founder of the Fork Shop and producer of the tv show Platinum Models Atlanta.

At the beginning I asked Stephen for interview to make my next short film and he agreed. I finished the filming and the footage stayed at my nas storage device for a while. Recently I was organizing some of my old films footage and found another old from the Fork Shop where we filmed a short film for powerful super heroes. I really wanted to give live of these footages, because will be another filming project in archive or on dvd, forgotten forever.

An incredible idea came into my mind to combine both footages, the interview and the super heroes in one. The movie was born “A Movie is Born”.
You can visit the web site here .

2. What should people take away, gain, realize after watching your film?

This is not easy answer, because people are different and have their own perspective. However, after watching my film “A Movie is Born” I would love to people to realize, that you do not need a big budget to create a film, just a crazy idea, right people, a camera and action.

As someone said “Do what you can’t!”. Anything is possible, only limitation is in your imagination.

3. Do you think that films can change people for the better or for the worse?

Yes, I do think that films can inspire people in positive way. Imagine a place where you can do anything and you can be whatever character you want to be and I think that creations of your own films give me that platform to do it.

Let’s back up for the moment, people just don’t change over the night, or with watching a movie. May be the films will help them to realize who really, they are.

After a long day of work I want to relax and get into the magic of impossible. For example, after watching the movie “John Carter, 2012” make me feel special in their imaginable world “Barsoom” where anything is possible. That movie makes a positive impact on me and I believe that movies will make positive impact on people as well.

4. How was the creation of your project at the time of COVID-19?

That project “A Movie is Born” was created before the Covid. However, I did create a short film during Covid, named as “My flower love drama story”. It is story about a person who cares about his flower, but afraid to go outside because of fear to get sick. The temperature is raising outside if he did not water the flower it will die. Finally, he puts his gas mask suit and goes outside and saves the flower. He forgets that … you can find more details on our web site.

5. What creation style did you use in the production of your project? What cameraman elements did you use?

Our creation style was simple, write the script, find the actors, film, and create the final cut. Not sure that I can say that this is a particular style, or just a way of making the film. The scenes were not too complicated and we used middle shots, close-up and few not too wide opening shots.

6. How did you select the actors for your project?

For that project we were fortuned to find very talented actors. We found the actors from the Fork Shop film making workshop, that is an event running every 2 weeks on Thursday night, where all filmmakers, actors, writer collaborate in making a short film by doing it.

7. Why do you think your film should appeal to distributors?

I really don’t know … Should I pitch the film? this was not my goal. However, we had an incredible interview with legendary film maker Stephen Blackmon, founder of the Fork Shop and producer of tv show Platinum Models Atlanta.

Also, the plot of the super heroes that are trying to save the world is something that I really wanted to be part … in reality they save themselves from the real devil, the system that program us to be special. Oh, I know you did not get it. I mean the plot, neither do I. In next episode the Professor will perform the perfect money heist, then Zak the alien will save us from invasion of strange force, and The Boss will create the perfect propaganda to run for president …

8. At which festival has your film been screened?

The movie “A Movie is Born” has been screened by Culver City Film Festival®, Los Angeles, California in Cinemark 18 and XD theatre on December, 2021. It was nominated for Silver Bullet Virtual screening by Shockfest Film Festival. Also, “A Movie is Born” was an award winner in category best feature comedy by Bridge Fest, Vancouver, Canada.

9. How did your acquaintances react when they first saw the film?

To be honest I really do not know we did not observe that one. The film was created for particular narrow audience.

From my recent experience, we got few requests from program directors of other festivals that they want to include our film “A Movie is Born” in their program makes us think that there is something special about our film.

10. If you could change something in your film, what would it be?

Well this is very interesting question. Regards our film “A Movie is Born” that I created I won’t change anything will leave it as it is. However, I love to make another similar episode and I really know what to do and how to do it you just need to watch out and you will find out the difference and probably understood my point above.

11. Which movies are your favorites and why?

Science fiction and mystery are my favorites, love comedy, romance and action.

For example, one of my favorite movies is “Die Hard”, 1988 with Bruce Willis as John McClane. Incredible action-triller movie that is still amazing watching it today.

Another one is a great comedy “Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo”, 1999 where the main character Deuce is played by amazing actor Rob Schneider.

“John Carter” of mars 2012, where Taylor Kitsch played as John Carter, a Confederate army captain who is transported to Mars and Lynn Collins played as Dejah Thoris, the Princess of Helium. A remarkable story and incredible cast.

“Oblivion” 2013, with great actors Tom Cruise as Jack Harper, Tech 49: A technician who works to repair drones on Earth and Andrea Riseborough as Victoria "Vika" Olsen: Jack's communications partner and housemate.

Also, one of our short film “Get Well Soon - Tommy Sanderson”, 2019 and
the music video “Quarters”, 2019

These movies make me feel to forget of day-to-day routines and transforming myself into the cinematic magic of action, drama, and mystery, I love those movies.

12. What topics do you like to address in your stories?

I would like to address topics that are very difficult to speak or people are afraid to speak freely. At today’s world you cannot express yourself what you really think because … Let me quote with one of my favorite characters that I created. Quote “Anything is possible when I am there, the innocent people will be placed in jail and criminals will have all the power, money, cars, women … ”, you probable get my point.

13. What is your motivation in making films?

My motivations could be different, one time it could be a challenge to create a film without budget or very small budget with unknown actors, another time it could be creating something that someone thought won’t be possible.

In other words, I love making films from the script, casting actors, finding location or place to film, begin filming, editing and distributing the final cut online. That is my biggest motivation and hopefully to earn money at end of the day.

14. Which contemporary filmmakers motivate you the most?

I am getting my motivation from different people, directors, actors, actresses, reading articles about Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. I had the privilege to work with one of the legendary film maker Stephen Blackmon in our film project “A Movie is Born”. Stephen is a great person and he motivates me with his creativity and ability to unite people together.

15. What projects do you plan to shoot in the future?

We are planning to film another episode of the tv show “Platinum Models Atlanta” with Stephen. Also, I am working on my own projects to create a mini-series and distribute on Vimeo OnDemand.


Peter Boiadzhieff a.k.a "Krassimir Nikov" is an American film maker and actor of Bulgarian origin. He was fascinated with movies at early age, because this was only way to escape from reality and used your imagination to create stories and characters. He was born on 1974 in the capital city Sofia in Bulgaria. Growing up in a small town Petrich by his grandparents. The town is border between Greece and Macedonia, a former SFR Yugoslavia, located in Eastern Europe. The town was place of the famous oracle 'Vanga' the famous 'Spartacus' who was fighting for freedom in early days. He created his first movie as a high school project.

Later he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, USA where he helped some of the film makers with their film projects. He joined local filming group Fork Shop where he able to work in different roles as camera operator, sound mixer, lights, even acting. He took the Jeff Justice Comedy Workshoppe three times and able to perform at The Punch Line Comedy club in Atlanta. He directed several short films and created several rafting videos. His short film The Secret Project 53 has been officially selected more than 15 times and won the award of the Best First Time Director in Hollywood Blood Horror Festival. Also, the series Braaking Newz has been nominated 5 times as semi-finalist in category best comedy and parody.

He worked with the greatest actors like Sonia Suarez Alonzo, Sonia Suarez Alonzo, Paul Black, Brittany Black, Ruby Singleton, and many others.

He continues to work on his coming projects in Atlanta Georgia and Ocoee Tennessee.

Festival Awards:
- Bridge Fest, Vancouver
Award Winner, Best Feature Comedy, A Movie is Born, October 2021
- Golden State Film Festival
Award Winner, Best Supporting Actor, in Braaking Newz, March 2021
- FILMHAUS: Berlin Film
Braaking Newz - Nominated in Best Comedy, Best Ensemble and Best Series Pilot
- Hollywood Blood Horror Festival
Award Winner, Best First Time Director, The Secret Project 53, June Award 2020
- Cyrus International Film Festival of Toronto
Best First Time Filmmaker, Semi-Finalist, The Secret Project 53, 2020
- IndieX Film Fest
Best Comedy, Semi-Finalist, Braaking Newz, 2020