Yiwen Cao

A Chinese young female awards winning filmmaker, is known for Chubby Café (2019), Dao Meng Mei Ying (2018) and Astrall Story (International Cooperation). Became the cover person of magazine Filmmaker Life (August,2022).

The director Yiwen Cao is a young female filmmaker, who wants to give people mental power from her films. She thinks nature and human have the same essence. We can learn a lot through observing nature. What's more, protecting nature is protecting ourselves.


Your project has entered in our festival. What is your project about?
This suspense short is a little bit like The Death of a Government Clerk. But the main role of my short is killed by KOL’s irresponsible short videos in a special social period.


What are your ambitions with your project?
I just want audience to get positive power from watching a suspense. It would be wonderful if they can reflect own lives by getting lessons from the main role’s life.

Tell us somethng about your shooting? What pleasantly surprised you?
We shoot long-take smoothly.

For what group of spectators is your film targeted?
People who like to watch suspense and to take deep thinking.

Why should distributors buy your film?
Because they have eyes?

How would you specify your work? What characterizes your film?
I like to use both suspense and comedy. This combination can make people notice some realistic problems, but not feel too heavy.

Why did you decided to become a filmmaker?
To encourage people, especially women.


Who is your role model?
The main role of this short Graduation doesn’t have gender. He/she just represents everyone who may meets the same difficulty.

Which movies are your favorites? Why?
Some Like It Hot, directed by Billy Wilder. Classic comedy.

Where do you look for inspiration for your films?
Nature, people, fake news.

Which topics interest you the most?
Society, gender, fairness, mental pressure, belief.

What do you consider your greatest achievement in your career?
Still in progress, that’s a long journey.

What do you consider most important about filming?
Theme. We need to convey positive power to audience. To heal people.

Which film technique of shooting do you consider the best?
One-take and subjective shooting.

How would you rate/What is your opinion about current filmmaking?
Still have space for improvement.

What can disappoint you in a movie?
No value, just technology.

Who supports you in your film career?
Generally speaking, the dream of healing people.
Narrowly defined, friends and relatives.


What are the reactions to your film? (opinion of spectators, film critics, friends and family)
I don’t know. Generally, I don’t watch films which I filmed. I already knew the story.

Have you already visited any of the prestigious film festivals?
I suddenly come up with an interesting thing: I heard that a festival’s name is Prestigious film festival。

What are your future plans in filmmaking career?
To encourage women.

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IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm10036519/?ref_=tt_ov_wr

Facebook&LinkedIn: Yiwen Cao